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Originally Posted by IvanK View Post
On the subject of the ideal AUTO RPM versus ATA (Below FTH) Relationship I think we can deduce from various RAE test documents, A set BF109T pilots notes (DB601n though) that the most likely relationship would be.

1.4ATA/2600 (DB601N) .... 2400 DB601Aa
2000RPM min governed valued (now confirmed for DB601 from RLM docs).
Remembering of course that the actual determinant of RPM is throttle position

One further point is that in game a Static runup at 1.3ATA will only get you 2000RPM. You should be able to get 2300RPM at zero forward speed.

With these values in mind the Sim needs a little tweaking. Easily done from an instrumentation/animation point of view but the power output would need to reflect these values as well.
Great stuff IvanK, you're a star mate!
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