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Originally Posted by trk29 View Post
Do you play on 360 as well? Because you haven't logged on (ps3) in almost 2 months.
I play on both , but I'm waiting for my high speed internet to get turned on.

"Service Ready Date*: 11-30-2009
Your Verizon High Speed Internet Plan**: Up to 3M Double Freedom Essentials Bundle with 6 Months free Internet service "

Its been a HUGE WAR to get High speed. See I moved out in the Sticks and they told me I couldn't get it at first. I then had to call The Public utilities commision and threaten verizon, Then Verizon called me and said they can get me high speed but they have to have whats called Load pairs cut off my line in order for me to get it. That was a 2 month war !
Now the line is fixed so I can get it and The order has been placed. I recieved my modem in the mail yesterday, They just have to turn it on.

As you can see in the quote the email I recieved this week say the 30th of this month.

Trust me its driving me Crazy !
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