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Default Saitek X52

spent most of yesterday setting this up, works well in arcade, sim and realistic is more tricky.
The settings I have are as follow, if anyones interested.

Absolute throttle on, all throttle/aileron/elevator/rudder deadzones removed (all the way to the left, no highlighted segments) also the same with the nonlinearity settings (whatever they may be). these are from memory so I will re edit if needs be.

Only issues I've discovered is no brakes on landing!! (despite patch) you cant have any other controller on, as this knocks the throttle onto the rudder, and the freeview mouse stick is (in my opinion) orientated wrong.
ie as your hand is on the throttle to look up you would pull back on the stick with your thumb, like you would holding a game pad, but this infact makes you look left! a little confusing to say the least
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