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Originally Posted by cape View Post
I have an X52 and I am unable to map the throttle to anything, it's like the game doesn't recognize it at all. I have tested throttle lever on pc and it works just fine. I can map throttle to slider on throttle lever and all buttons are working.

Anyone have any tips on this?
Hi, the throttle will work, BUT you must make sure ALL other controllers are off.
So start the ps3 with X52 plugged in but without any (ps3) controller turned on.
Use the X52 to navigate and select the game, from memory
trigger = square
Button A = circle
Button B = triangle
Fire button under flap = X

you dont need to assign the throttle to anything, I will send you a pic of my settings which work.

if you get into the game and the throttle doesn't work, try the rudder, as there is a glitch whereby the throttle is sometimes reassigned to the rudder, if this is the case just turn off the ps3 and restart the game, BY USING THE X52 ONLY,then everything should be back to normal.

once the game starts and the settings have been loaded the button configuration changes to the following if you use my layout.
the trigger becomes X
fire button becomes circle
Button A=square
Button B= triangle
will upload screen grabs of settings later.

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