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Default Some newbie questions

I've been enjoying my first time through this new-to-me game (I enjoyed EA's "King's Bounty" on the Sega Genesis, back when there was still a Sega Genesis) and I'm looking forward to Armored Princess and Crossworlds.

However, I've got some questions as to just exactly how some things work; the transliterated Russian fan manual leaves me still wondering about some of the mechanics.

- (And I asked this in another thread, but was never answered.) If I was picking up evilns off the ground in Ellinia before I knew what they were, and only later got the Egnum quest, do more of them re-spawn or am I out of luck?

- Is it normal to get multiple duplicate copies of a LOT of the gear? (I have:
two of the Boots of the Snake (+2 speed & initiative to Royal Snakes is great, but I wouldn't mind having, you know, other things...),
two of the Wind Wings,
THREE of the Jackboots (obviously I cannot get +3 to speed of pirates & robbers),
two Combatting Hammers (+3 attack, +3 more attack for Dwarves) {and that is in addition to the quest reward of Hammer of the King from Tom Digor},
two Swords of the Dragon Slayer {one from the tournament},
two Staff of the Marshal (which, honestly, is really nice with Inquisitors at +2 morale--and I have not yet tried Knights, since I just recently got Teleport, but I look forward to them as well--but again, it would be nice to have, well, other stuff)...
The list just seems to go on and on. Two copies of several of the armors, too.)

- How, exactly, do the "+XX% attack" adders work? (Like Staff of the Great Druid, or Sword of the Dragon Slayer.) Since some of them--Dragon Slayer--only work against particular creatures, I cannot see the Attack value on my army just by inspecting them. Staff of the Great Druid I can check by bringing it into and out of being equipped.

- Likewise, if I'm using both of my Combatting Hammers with, say, Cannoneers, and then equip the Telescopic Sight artifact: does their attack go up
30 (base creature)
+ 13 <character Attack value, call it thirteen>
+3 (+3) (first hammer)
+3 (+3) (second hammer)
== 55...
and then just what, exactly, gets doubled by the Sight? Just the 30 base (which is what happens with Staff of the Great Druid, at 50%), or the whole 55?

Anyhow. Very much enjoying the game, and thanks for all your help!

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