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Well, I digged some facts.

First, I remapped some other axes to wheel brakes. I have HOTAS Cougar, so I assigned RNG and ANT dials to brakes. Nothing changed, pedals still two-positioned. Originally ANT and RANGE controlled prop pitch and radiator with perfect analog function.

Next, I uninstalled CloD through Steam (delete local content), disabled cloud backing-up, deleted the whole CloD section in common\steamapps and 1cSoftClub I moved to another location for to have saved good configuration. Then I installed fresh instance from Steam. The only one modification against original is multilingual maddox.dll (I purchased CloD in Slovakia so it defaults to Czech and I prefere English environment due to unified elements, names of controls etc.; I never know how the elements are translated and want to avoid confusions). After installation the game started without any trace of previous configuration (interesting, it could feel the throttle but not elevator/ailerons etc.). EVEN in this configuration when I freshly assigned ANT/RNG rotaries to wheel brakes, they started to toggle On/Off.
I consequently checked some other planes with analog pedals modelled; I didn't find other incorrect plane, in He-111, Bf-109, Bf-110, Su-26 I had analog brakes as expected.

I don't know the structure of game engine, but I need to know how it decides whether the control will be analog or switch. Apparently in this particular flight model the game logic choose incorrectly a switch behaviour for wheel brakes. The similar effect I achieved when I deleted analog axes from wheel brakes and assigned two keyboard keys to them like I should expect.

Is there anybody to help me? I'm IT specialist in real life, I use to make various tracing, sniffing, logging and others, si I'm able to cooperate effectively.

(Besides of all I can taxi/land with this bug, just I am a kind of perfectionist and this flaw makes me angry... and I absolutely don't like unsolved mysteries)


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