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I wont wait until next year. I will take the russian version of the game. Maybe there will be an English patch or something. Oh yeah, its not a long time until friday. I want to discuss so many things and see, who is right, but I dont have a good question. I only hope, that it will be THE new "King of the Road" King. I expect a MUCH better game than 18 WoS series. I saw a lot of screenshots and videos and information about the game in the last few years and I have a feeling of what I can expect. But I am not sure, how long the game can motivate, how realism the gameplay and driving-feeling is etc.. Many questions and I am not sure, that the game will be SO good as many people expect. Sure, the development process took a long time, but the developers couldnt use all this time to make a perfect game. We will see...
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