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USA Trucker:
Ok. So then, he will know when you play that it does not behave as a fully manual gearbox I have G25 2 years. I'm just playing habits of simulation type. LFS, RBR, rFactor, GTR series. I can set G25 and I can adjust to the steering wheel on the different games and I can say that RNR is first bad physics, and FF primitive in terms of transmission works as an extra mutation is semi-automatic clutch. Such a system does not exist in the real world, so I call the "mutant" because in reality it does not specify.

PS: I'm in real-life trucker, so I know what I mean. Yes trucker in Europe. This is different behavior of American and European truck such as axles and stiffness, but different systems gearbox. In principle, the activities are similar. (in control). Except for minor differences. Direct engagement and synchronized. (Europe's old trucks were previously too direct engagement, so I know how it works in practice ).....
yeah, I can't see a point of having such type of clutch in real life as it doesn't disconet engine from the wheels so in real life it would be autoclutch instead.
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