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Originally Posted by pook View Post
Ok. NP
It is possible to overlook something because I do not understand Russian. More time spent here on setting up the game more than playing games. As regards the Russian version, I found there only automatic transmission and manual. Only two and a manual does not work exactly as manual. The problem I have written last .....
I also love playing with the settings. This even able to remap G25 to me in the game worked great and small series. Thanks remapping using a special program "Xpadder" I chose to order a small number of a defined 1,2,3 switch button on the steering wheel position and rank of 1,2, which is changed to 4,5.
I can setup the wheel well and I can adjust to it as needed. RNR Unfortunately, it is very bad. Firstly inappropriately deful a defined commands, bad FF etc. (perhaps here used to the different quality Hardcore simulators, so that's why it seems to me FF outstanding, inaccurate, chaotic)

Ok. If you could write here would set your friends??
Pook you are correct with the way the G25 feels I bought mine about 2 years ago and played RBR most of the time. The clutch feature is a button press - when you change gear its the same the only clutch support is a button wich is totally unrealistic and the physics are pretty arcade. But I would rather play RnR than ETS RnR may be lower than peoples expectations but it is still a good game a quick patch and the game will rock
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