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Mr luder:
Well, this is implemented modifications to the game. I thought the original game is a disaster. That if imlemented the RNR better than SCS .....
Ok. Pls. Can you send me the mode in Haulin private mail but they are spam??
I'd like to try what will change. Pls Thx.
I tried all SCS series at a time when started. And not, no further modifications. And I did not enjoy the original SCS more than 5 minutes and here are more interested to .....

Ps: Works under this modification: weight, centrifugal force, the adhesion (dry, wet, snow, ice) deformation, the exact acceleration deakceleration (depending on weight, adhesion ....), physics of materials, H manual transmission, the exact effectiveness of the service brake and Jakebrake, center of gravity, thoughtful service + AI behavior .... etc??? If not, then it is a non-complex. It is not enough then.

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