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Well I think US out of luck it would seem when it come to buying this game. Second Dont get me wrong I want as Much real as I can get Of these game, But youre asking for the wourld here. You want that much detail In Phics Go get you're CDL's Then you can talk to me about Phics. Such driving up a Major Mountains in snow. I know I've Been there Done that. We play these games to get close as possible, But lets face it we are not that close yet in the gaming wourld. That would be 10 20 years maybe from know. But for its time its seems atleast pretty good, Atleast Better than SCS. SCS is a joke I'm glad they make games cause frankly no esle will on trucks Ea doesn't touch it or neither does the other big Company's. But Ive played ever single one of SCS. Frankly Graphice wise is a ******* joke! Phics a Joke. In fact the only way I can get anything out of it, Is to get a mod from a player that change the game. Like trucks, Or grass such. In fact thats how I ran across this game in the first place. Been dreaming I hade the damn thing for 5 hours know, But wait I'm American we not alowed to Sh%t! But all in all the game looks great opens the door hopefully to Improvements in this type of game. But 8 Years for this type of game? Man way to slow. Ive seen Darkfall online which is a online game MMO play style very Complex game to make and keep with in the lines to work right with good grachics, and even with only 20 man ream they completed there's in 6 years. Europ game By the way.

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