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Originally Posted by danizzz View Post
In haulin trucks have 16-18 gears like in the real life.
There was for, every gear, the position Low and high.
The changes were not realistic but at lest you have a real gear box.
A lot of trucks in real life have normal 6-speed gearboxes as well so in that aspect RnR isn't really unrealistic. I know all the trucks I have driven had only 6 gears. But yes, it would be nice if RnR featured gearboxes with high and low gears as well.

Originally Posted by danizzz View Post
As far as i know real truckers dont use that much the clutch.
They use it most for the first two gears.
But this is not my job....last word to the real truckers out there!!
I guess it would depend on the kind of gearbox they have, but for a "normal" gearbox - ie. a 6 speed gearbox without low and high gears - I would imagine you have to use the clutch on every gearshift. Of course it's possible to shift without the clutch if you know exactly at what rpm to shift, just like you can shift without the clutch in a car.
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