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Hate it!

Having parted with $35.oo I'd expect to play a 100% trucking sim like what they advertized on RNR site. Like some who posted in the forums, a trucking simulation means getting that rig parked, hitched/unhitched, towed and backed up with great skill. I'm no trucker, but whenever I see an 18wheeler backup on a ramp to its loading/unloading dock, I never fails to amaze me. Let's have some real world physics in the game and real driver behaviors. Real truckers (at least most) don't weave in and out of traffic just so they'd be first to deliver the cargo. Sure you'd have a timetable to keep, but the game implements it very unrealistically. You guys mentioned the rain and the eye-candy wipers. No Track-IR support, you'd have to use the mouse emulation which is kinda unnerving after a while. Sound is flat. They sound like they got it from Hard Truck or King of the Road. The cops are a pain even if it wasnt your fault. Controls are overly sensitive even at the lowest setting. Somehow driving a freightliner feels like driving a dodge minivan, slow but nimble. Force feedback on the G-27 was barely perceptible. Hard Truck had probably better FF, like the wheels "fought" with you in a fast tight turn. Again, maybe having played grid, dirt series, GTR series made me expect a lot from driving games, but I'm a sucker for driving SIMS, trucking or otherwise. And having played these wonderful games made me vote HATE it... especially having to pay that much. But don't get me wrong, this game has potential to be great if they fix it.
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