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System requirements are nothing special, it's due to bad coding.

I played the Russian version on two different systems, both meet all the requirements by far, one of them could be considered extremely high end but on both systems theres the same horrible performance.

It's not even graphics related...I play with every setting maxed out @1680x1050 (native resolution) with 8xAA and 16xAF and it's smooth as butter as long as traffic is set to 1. As soon as I up the traffic, the game starts lagging.

A lot of people on the Russian forum have the same problem so I guess that's one thing they already fixed in the English release. I don't know about the English version but the traffic implementation in the Russian version is a joke anyway. Cars are popping up/disappearing everywhere.

The more I read about the performance in the English version the more I want that patch
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