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Tell me you're joking. Rig'n'Roll is far more detailed than the 18 WoS series. Plus it wasn't created by a crappy developer that doesn't know how to do interchanges the right way.
Sure. The 18 WoS Series was more moddable. But it still lacks the detail of this game.
I'm not a trucker in real life but here is my gamer's point of view :

18Wos Haulin compared with RnR

1. 18Wos has multiple warehouses in cities.
2. 18Wos cities are less "Highway" cities.
3. Trailer handling and delivery contract are better in 18Wos.
4. Cars are driving faster than the truck in 18Wos
5. Managing your truck fleet is better in 18Wos
6. Tuning your truck is better in 18Wos.

.... I'll stop cause I can add several points (traffic lights, police system, CB system...) where my gaming experience tells me that 18Wos gives a lot more satisfaction than RnR.

PS : concerning the graphic details - 18Wos takes 340 Mo on your HD - RnR takes 8 Go on your HD ==> I won't tell what could be 18Wos if it was a 8Go game.
PPS : If you add that the point where RnR should be strong (the racing system) is also full of bugs (Example : you're third of four... then some miles after the system tells you : you're fourth of four.) then it's simple : a beautiful package with a big shit inside. It's still beautiful before you open it. And here it's more like "they took an old shit (King of the road), made a new 3D engine and the package was done"

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