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Originally Posted by kennyb87 View Post
USA trucker Elwenil has posted 5 times on this forum he must come in just to voice his disaproving opinion. The guys who post the most know this forum I myself have been offerd a moderators position but turned it down. I know I have some spelling mistakes in this but Im in a hurry as Im in a tractor bailing 35 acre of silage before I can get to my computer
I never criticized yours, or anyone else's grammar, or spelling (without provocation). I thinks it's childish to do so. I wrote this in another thread somewhere. You get no complaints here from me. I am also aware of you being offered a Moderators position. I was the one that recommended you to Nike-it & Sneaksie because, you have good insight into computers, RnR in general, and are well mannered.

What brought this up?
If you bought it, a trucker brought it

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