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Originally Posted by USA Trucker View Post
They most certainly are. I can't answer for your system because you continue to report problems without giving your computer specs., (at least I don't remember seeing them) so that I, or others can possibly find the error, or problem. You might have something wrong that you are not aware of. You are also the first one that I know of that has the Retail DVD Version, that could very well be associated with some of your problems.

I far exceed the 'Recommended Requirements', and the only glitches I have encountered is the following:

Sometimes the graphics in the cut-scenes spawn 2 heads, and in others the voice cuts off. The voices also cuts off during some CB calls, and once I had a car appear out of nowhere in front of me. It's a good thing I had a save point just prior to it. I have not seen it since then. Other then that, I have experienced no other problems, and I'm on my third game playing from the start. On my other computer I slightly exceed the 'Minimal Requirements' and had the same issues that everyone else is reporting. I obviously no longer play it on that one.
Are you accusing me that I make up the bugs or what? I didn't post my system specs because firstly I don't like waving what I have in front of other people, secondly because I didn't feel the exact system specs are in any way relevant to the bugs.

I already listed the bugs I encountered but there is no hurt in repeating, I also had the two heads bug, and the voice cutting out. Also cars spawning out of nowhere (however that's very rare) More annoying is the bug with the collosion detection when two ai cars go into each other, and either go through one another, or sometimes one of the cars or trucks is sent flying all over the place. Also when I saved just after I received an order, after loading back the save I kept getting the same call over and over again. Also sometimes the main character has no eyes when going into repair stations (or its constantly closed I can't decide) Also had a bug, when I was hauling a load, but when I arrived to the destination the job finished but the trailer didn't disappear and I didn't get my reward, but the job was gone from the journal. But the trailer did disappear when I completed another mission where there was no load, so it seems the game mixed up the loads.

Anyway my system roughly looks like this: Intel® Core™ i7-930 | RADEON HD5850 | DDR3-2000 6 GB | Kingston SSDNow V Series | Windows 7 64bit Enterprise

Originally Posted by Pete379exhd View Post
but I think a lot of us were expecting it to be a lot more like the 18 wos games and unfortunatly it's not..
I was hoping, no that not the right word, I knew it will be nothing like 18wos, and fortunately it isn't.
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