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Originally Posted by M76 View Post
Are you accusing me that I make up the bugs or what?
Not at all. I'm just stating that some computers react differently.

I already listed the bugs I encountered but there is no hurt in repeating, I also had the two heads bug, and the voice cutting out. Also cars spawning out of nowhere (however that's very rare) More annoying is the bug with the collosion detection when two ai cars go into each other, and either go through one another, or sometimes one of the cars or trucks is sent flying all over the place. Also when I saved just after I received an order, after loading back the save I kept getting the same call over and over again. Also sometimes the main character has no eyes when going into repair stations (or its constantly closed I can't decide) Also had a bug, when I was hauling a load, but when I arrived to the destination the job finished but the trailer didn't disappear and I didn't get my reward, but the job was gone from the journal. But the trailer did disappear when I completed another mission where there was no load, so it seems the game mixed up the loads.
And I agree with you with regards to the first portion. The repeated calls seems to be the Mr. Fernandez mission for the "Recovery Of His Light-bulbs". This is also a glitch, but if you ignore it after the first time he contacts you, then it goes away, unless you are describing another mission that I'm not aware of. When describing these errors, a video would be great. YouTube is free, and can help in describing some of your situations.

Anyway my system roughly looks like this: Intel® Core™ i7-930 | RADEON HD5850 | DDR3-2000 6 GB | Kingston SSDNow V Series | Windows 7 64bit Enterprise
The reason I, or anyone will ask for your specs., is to better help you. Your specs. are not top secret information.
If you bought it, a trucker brought it

System Specs:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
Intel Core i7-4960K CPU @4.0GHz 6 CPU's (12 Logical). 16GB DDR3 Ram.
NVidia GeForce GTX 980 PCE (1920x1200) Graphic Card, 4GB RAM. Updated NVidia GeFrorce GTX 980 Driver.
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