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There's lots of good points about this game that you don't see in any other trucking simulators.....

Being able to still drive your rig, with half the bodywork hanging off, both cab doors wide open and semi-smashed windscreen is absolutely unbelievable, fantastic creation.
Great dustbowls as you hit the roadside verges, skid marks on the asphalt, wheel tracks across the grass, skidding sounds as you approach a tight turn to quickly. The blue sea of the Pacific Ocean, the lakes and mountains, olive groves and cactii in the desert regions. The mailboxes and newspaper stands, bus stops and pedestrian seats, the fabulous bridges, the sailing ship just outside San Diego, the railway boxcars and covered hoppers used as scenery items near Victorville, all superbly done. There's lots of little eye candy things that make the simulator so more real as you travel around the countryside, especially on the backroads out of towns and cities, the rainy puddles on the roads after a thunderstorm.....All exceptionally done.

Cheerz for now.

Transport Steve.
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