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I dont know ive never played king of the road constering i choud never find it in the store in the usa but for me i do like playing RNR when i had the chance and im hopeing this computer my dad gave me will run it but i use to drive a truck in real life and i must say between 18wos haulin and RNR id say RNR is 100% better than any of the scs games ever made sorry to brust anyone's bubble but thats how i feel

@USA Trucker,
I whoud have to kinda like maybe 20% agree with you USA Trucker but if i rember right now stop me if im wrong but dont truckers in real life timed? get hurry up and get there? kinda stuff "dad and i were truckers" im not trying to be rude but im just putting my 2 cents in i like to have timmed loads makes it more life like

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