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Originally Posted by Truckerguy82 View Post
@USA Trucker,
I whoud have to kinda like maybe 20% agree with you USA Trucker but if i rember right now stop me if im wrong but dont truckers in real life timed? get hurry up and get there? kinda stuff "dad and i were truckers" im not trying to be rude but im just putting my 2 cents in i like to have timmed loads makes it more life like
Sure they are, but not like the game depicts. If you were a little late, say like an hour or two due to traffic or some other unforeseen reason your load would still be accepted, and you were not fined. I always had a cell phone back then, and always kept my client informed of my whereabouts, and ETA. I have never had a concrete unforgiving delivery time. I don’t believe I was ever more than one hour late for any delivery.

In the 80’s & 90’s, when I drove for 2 company’s, my instructions were usually be there by the morning, afternoon or night. Sometimes I would get a time, but it was something like be there by around 9am. Never a concrete time. I have seen a few habitual late drivers get fined, or dismissed, but this was rare, and those guys were as I said habitual late drivers.

I was usually early, because I didn’t want to wait for the other guy to unload his truck. Clients would never refuse a delivery, because it would cost them more money to not have a load, than to have one late. This is especially true for consumer retaled deliveries (supermarkets, drug stores, auto parts, electronics, etc).
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