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Default This game is a major FAIL

I'm interested in finding patches/mods to fix the game "Fantasy Wars". Even on the "Easy" setting the game is much much much too hard. Beyond insanely hard. So hard it makes me want to hunt the designers down and smash their testicles with a sledgehammer. Seriously. Literally.

It's bad enough that you're outnumbered and outclassed by the enemy, but to add on a time limit? That's just Fkd up.

There needs to be a patch/mod to TURN OFF the time limit, and to double or triple the amount of money available for purchasing new units, because it's a bloodbath every time.

Negative 96 stars. Major FAIL. SUK. TOO HARD. Guess what? Frustration does not equal fun. Reloading the same scenario 45 times in a row is not fun. Build the game with SCALE so thats EVERYONE can play it, not just masochists.
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