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Default Strategy

Your tactics and information was all very good.

To expand on War Machine units and Light Cavalry, I'll add a few things.

Most importantly, Catapults/Stone Tossers have a huge Bonus (66%) against units with a 15 HP base(many Human and Orc/Goblin units).

Ballista/Spear Hurlers have a better range, and "Slayer" is one of their perks. They're weaker, but they're useful against Heroes and long-range targets.

Hobilars/Goblin Raiders are strange, but they can be useful if you understand their Perks. They have "Shooting Protection" and "Restless Riders."

They can absorb a "Support Shot" by attacking a unit that is near an archer or crossbowman. Usually, the damage to the light cavalry is only 1. If the enemy archer/crossbow doesn't have "Multiple Support," then friendly units can then attack without a support shot penalty.

"Restless Riders" is useful for blocking the movement/flanking of enemy units. If a unit is next to a "Restless Rider," then they're move points are reduced by 2. As always, try to keep this unit supported by a ranged unit.

Goblin Raiders are unique because they're the only Mounted unit that can fight in the Forest, without a huge penalty. It's still not great terrain, but defend in the forest in you're being attacked by cavalry.
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