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Originally Posted by OldGray View Post
I think the idea is great. However what about the rest of the world? I live in the small country of Canada, north of the U.S. I am used to them limiting their contest to their country, but I am surprised you are doing the same. Sigh. Still waiting for my copy to show up here in Calgary Ab Canada. I managed to buy one from the U.S. on ebay as still can not find it locally.
Sorry for the rant. Demo was great and looking forward to receiving the full game and playing. I would have liked to try your tournament as well.
Talking about all other parts of the world (except Russia and CIS countries) - 1C doesn't do direct sales there. We sell our games through local distributors and publishers and a lot of things (local advertising and promotion) depends on their activities and plans. So this is not only our decision.
We decided to start with the US tournament only as a pilot balloon. If everyrthing goes well and the event proves to be successfull, we are thinking about having a similar tournamnet for other countries or regions.
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