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Yes we are using the same code in a way. But in my actual scripting (not above here) I meshed in AI ground vehicles also. Now the AI ground are fine and do an update and check on their targets and pathway every 5 mins and that is great.

But yes there was a small bit of code that set off the AI Air find targets etc.. then ai air groups would (just like real pilots) look around them and alter their targets based on current situation.

As for AI not attacking. I read something and did some testing. Looks like AI will not attack (at the moment) if their group is smaller then the Air target or if their awareness is lower than ace. So if you are on your own and two or more 109's are near they will attack. But if you are equal 1:1 or you have more fighters in group they just ignore you.

Will all be fixed I am sure in later patches
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