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I have 2 solutions in my mind:

a) I followed this approach during my experiment. I only assign the next waypoint to the air group. I react on the OnActorTaskComplete event to assign a new waypoint for the air group. After the takeoff waypoint I assign an attack waypoint on the target position. I adjust the position of the attack waypoint periodically. After the attack waypoint was completed a landing waypoint is assigned. Did work pretty good to lead the air group to the target, however updating the waypoints interrupted the current task of the air group (they stopped attacking or crashed during takeoff).

b) I need to find out which waypoints were already passed by the air group. When I assign the updated waypoints I only assign waypoints that were not passed so far. I have so far no solution to find out which waypoints were passed. Triggers could be a solution or a smart algorithm that looks at the position and heading of the air group.

I will look at the issue in a couple of week as I'm currently busy with implementing the online support and moving frontline/ground war for IL2DCE.
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