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Default Men of war assault squad 2-feedback

Hello Mates.

First, I will apologize for my English before starting this feedback.
I will say Omg. Did I pay for the same Game(AS1)?25€ for that?
I will not speak about "sync" bugs or not a lot of playing maps because it might be correcting until end of march.

I'd like to speak about new things. Now, players Have à rank. You can't play some units if you haven't a certain level. It's crazy because these blocked units are the same on Mow AS1. I Mean Tiger II, Pershing and others.

So, first game:
I played US VS germany(the only countries you can play for the moment).
I take a wolverine. It's the best tankdestroyer I have for my rank. The slugger is blocked.

I can shoot the best german tank(tiger) on the left side. The Helpscope is green. I can destroy this tiger. I'm shooting 4 times in the engine. Nothing!?

What about the pathfinding?
Yout unit,(under fire) has a choice between going left or going right.
the left side is hardly under fire. I let you beg wich side your unit will choose:
The shorter one and it doesn't care if it's under fire or not.

Finaly, this game is a little bit more beautiful than the first assault squad.
It's nice to find some players with steam. Hopefully we can find a ladder and make a competition.
But, for the moment it doesn't justify 25€. Maybe they can make the possibility to play in early/middle/last war. And to play with new countries like italian and french.
If they do that. I will certainly approve this game, but not if the game stays like that.

If you have something else to say?

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