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Default Phantom vehicles

IL2 4.12.2 HSFX 7.0.3

Hope somebody can help with a strange problem. When I build missions I like to have the odd truck driving around. Knowing how these seem to have minds of their own, I am very careful about where I place the way points.

OK so last night...As the host I was the first to spawn in. I taxed out to the end of the runway where I sat and waited for the other squad members to arrive.

I saw the trucks go along the perimeter road as planned. They past behind me and travelled off towards the far side of the field. All according to plan.

Now the rest of the squad are taxiing out and all hell breaks out.

"watch out for the truck crossing the taxi way" (there was no truck crossing the taxi way but Boom! somebody hit "nothing" but others saw him hit a truck.

Why are other pilots seeing trucks that aren't there? And why do phantom trucks course them to crash if they hit them? And lastly the hell can I, as mission builder, stop this nonsense happening?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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