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Default TFS 5.0 New Special Effects Update

The current effects have been overhauled, with a large emphasis on efficiency and performance, as well as increased visual quality and realism.

Particle numbers have been reduced across the board, in some cases using less than 20% the number used previously.

This means the likelihood of a scene hitting the particle limit is greatly reduced, and scenes with a high amount of action (bombing runs, lots of environmental smoke, etc) should see improved performance.

For instance the London raid images featured 10 large environmental smokes types, 50+ AA guns, and 4 bomber waves dropping 90 bombs into that area.

FPS remained a constant 50-60 throughout!

All particles respond to wind speed and direction, which allows for a really dynamic, visually immersive environment.

Although these videos show no desert effects, the desert effects are coming along very nicely and will be shown off soon.

Let us know what you think


TFS Team
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