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Default Persistent aircraft in Multiplayer has arrived!

Hi all, SoW will be back on live tomorrow - Monday 5th January. We are going to be releasing our newest feature: Aircraft Persistency!!!

Here's all the details:

This means that you CANNOT spawn at an airfield unless someone has supplied that airfield with aircraft.
Aircraft are delivered to airfields simply by landing them there.

Aircraft will automatically "re-supply" to the map at the following bases;
1. Blue team = Creil
2. Red team = Watchfield

We have tried to set re-supply rates that should reflect the overall historical ratios of aircraft that were available during the BoB. However, the rates will need tweaking as time goes by just to manage this.

We have added a function to the website so that you can see what aircraft are available from what base, before you join the server.

You will need to "declare"** for one side or the other for this in order to see the full supply details. (If you already have access to the "blue campaign room" in the forum, you will get access to the blue aircraft supplies. If you already access to the "red campaign room" in the forum, you will get access to the ref aircraft supplies). This will not stop you from flying for both sides, it just means you will only get the full supply information for one side.

The aircraft availability will be persistent across missions. So if all the Spitfires run out at Biggin Hill in one mission, when the next mission loads, they will still be missing.

When we run special events, we will simply leave the "current" aircraft supply situation as it is. This means that teams will need to resupply their bases before missions in order to ensure they have the aircraft they need before the mission starts!

If you take off from one of the "supply bases" your flight will NOT count towards your career sorties. We will be making a special category in the stats to record these types of flights.

If the mission ends and you are in the middle of a flight, your aircraft will disappear from the supply. We are in the process of resolving this. Until this is fixed, players should be aware of how much time remains in mission.

** SoW has special features for "red" and "blue" pilots, such as the private campaign rooms, RADAR information for team controllers and now the aircraft supply details. In order to "declare" for one side or the other you can;
1. Join an existing squadron that is already declare for one side or the other
2. Set up a new squadron and declare it for one side or the other
3. Put a note in the forums asking to be declared for one side, then we can give you permissions as an individual.
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