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Originally Posted by bhunter2112 View Post
Post my computer spec's - why? i have a $2000.00 Dell Studio XPS with a great video card - it should play ANY game that is released. So some yoyo in an office said "release it- we need the money -the fools will pay" and we did. but thats it for me!
Well saying you have a $2000 Dell computer doesn't help anyone that can help you tweak your settings to get the game to run properly. Just an FYI I have a $900 computer and I get 30 to 40 with most settings on high. At least post what your video card is and not just say "a great video card". I use the GTX460 1GB. And I am not hating on you but next time you have $2000 to spend on a computer, you should build your own and not get ripped off by pre built computers. It literally takes 2 hours or less to put a computer together and you do not need to be a computer genius. $2000 will get you a better computer than most people have and I promise you that you will be really happy with this sim. You should really give this game another chance. And please post your system specs otherwise this thread just looks like a troll made it.

After looking up the Dell XPS I realized that it is a laptop. I am not sure you're going to be able to play really demanding games on a laptop.

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