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Originally Posted by roadczar View Post
Yes, in fact I feel like I should be getting paid.

Here is something weird. At default medium settings my frame rates range 50-60. If I change anything like lowering amount of buildings from medium to low my average FPS drop below 25!

We are still in beta - my offshore developers in India do better testing LOL.
You are right, Steam shows me 229 Hours of Betatesting
must look were my post-dated cheque is

Originally Posted by roadczar View Post
After monkeying with this thing for couple of hours it seems the best balance for me is having everything on highest settings with SSAO and VSYNC OFF, AA=8.

No mirrors. Having mirrors causing major performance and stutter issues with my setup.

I don't get it, but I can live with this.

London still has major issues with FPS and stuttering.

since latest patch (I had this Cloud thing on)

3x Launcher crash
Sound+ForceFeedback comes and goes
must repair my key and joystick setting
my Freetrack won't start anymore
but yes it run a little bit smoother (I think)

now I will to reinstall Win7 and all the other stuff
it will take some time

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