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Originally Posted by danjama View Post
Hi everyone. I waited for years for this release just like everyone else, but I was fortunate enough to have up to this point as an observer, as my PC was just too old and I had other priorities. Now that my PC has finally given up, and i'm forced to build a new system, after looking at these boards for the last year and watching from afar, i'm really wondering if you all think it's worth getting this sim? There's so many negatives, and from what I can see, the only positive is that it looks fantastic in most aspects. But i don't want screenshot software.

What's the verdict? How are campaign and online experiences?
That is becoming an unanswerable question, for those it works for (me included) you would get a big yes, others would say a big no and threaten to punch you in the face for daring to support it.

Bottom line is, right now it may or may not work for you but there is a BIG patch coming to address the issues, are you prepared to miss out on what is a great game based on some naysayers with issues?

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