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Ah Ha!

The solution, or I should say "one" solution as I'm sure there are others, for anyone caught in my same situation. Is to park the truck about half way up the patrol route of the guards and their pesky all seeing officer.

When you were at the wheel of the truck, the officer always smelled a Rat and the alert soon followed, after which you quickly find yourself dancing the chain gun cha cha. I can only imagine the officer becomes suspicious because you have a copy of "Top Spy Magazine" on your dashboard, instead of the more universally acceptable "German Truckers Monthly."

So get out of the truck instead and hide behind it, moving so as to stay out of sight as they pass. In the best tradition of Hollywood PoW films, the patrol will not wonder about the abandoned truck and nor will they question the suspicious boots with "Property of SMERSH" written on them, as they strategically move around the other side of the truck in an exceedingly un-goosesteppy way, keeping their wearer oddly out of sight.

As the patrol amble off into the distance you can laugh to yourself in Sean Connery style, knowing you have once again played your game and played it well, before hopping back into your truck and going on your way.

Now..... onto that base!

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