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Default The Fate of Action Forms...

I'm sad to see that Action Forms appears to have decided to become a mobile developer as suggested by the admin here. Actions Forms, whose website is seemingly no longer online, appears to have become Tatem Games. They have ported the early Action Forms game "Carnivores" to the iPhone/iPad. The last application update was on November 2nd, so it appears they are most actively engaged in their mobile efforts.

The application page in the iTunes store seems to claim it's a co-production, but based on the above "About" page, I assume their development leads smelled opportunity in the iPhone market started Tatem using some or all of their core staff.

Based on the tone of the "About" page, it seems like they were probably unhappy with the kinds of unpleasant things you read about developers dealing with in big budget PC game development. They might also have had trouble negotiating a new deal. I can speculate all day of course, but mobile seems to be their focus at the moment, though I have a feeling they haven't officially shut down Action Forms.

So if you really want to see them come back to PC development, I would suggest letting them know how much you liked Cryostasis.
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