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I guess the reason not in OGG because:

StartMusic : sounds\music\b_dark4.ogg
StartMusic : sounds\music\briefing.ogg
StartMusic : sounds\music\b_dark3.ogg
Originally Posted by Joriko View Post
In the log file I happened to notice this (WARNING: Can't find form . Actor <SovietSoldierNoForm01>) could that be the problem?
No, it can't be the problem.
BTW, my log has only 4 additional lines before level start:

StartMusic : sounds\music\b_dark3.ogg
Loading SMF: Models\Indoor\Misc\cigareta.smf
Loading SMF: Models\Indoor\Misc\karandash2.smf
Loading SMF: Models\Indoor\Devices\nasos_02.SMF
Loading SMF: Models\Indoor\details\topor.SMF
I will try to test on Win7 x64 tonight.
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