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Originally Posted by He111 View Post
(2) Archers V pikemen, same as above except when pikemen charge, archers stand ground and destroy pikemen who are meleeing archers ???????

errr this doesn't seem right somehow.

Some good things I have noticed, units auto-face closest enemy unit!

Please give more info, details mean everything

Let's assess the situation. How many archers and how many pikemen were there? I assume pikemen where under fire on their way to archers, this means they could suffer a significant morale loss.
How did archers win? Did they kill all pikemen in melee or pikemen panicked and started to run away?
What were their skills and parameters? Were they irregulars? Militia archers? Did you upgrade them before this battle?
Were any friendly units on archer flanks or rear (if they were, they gave them a morale bonus)? Did any enemy units near the pikemen panic?
If you are unsure why something happened, look at the stats panel on the left and make a screenshot if you feel that something is not right (better two screenshots, one showing stats of one regiment and another showing enemy stats). We'll try to determine what's happened
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