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Originally Posted by Sneaksie View Post
Please also remember that irregular archers won't do wonders, they are not like Elven archers in Warhammer: Dark Omen at all Even the elite ones wont bring you victory on their own (horse archers are another story however, they can because of their mobility). However sometimes even the poorest archers give satisfactory results, try them on poorly armored militia cavalry locked in melee, for example.

To summarize, they are mainly support units that wound and sap morale greatly. In most cases enemy unit that was under fire will rout in melee quickly because of wounds and morale loss. Here each regiment has their own morale level.
Well, that makes sense. Archers werent elves actually, as one might think. Compared to other games, archer deals significant damage by wounding, but not killing as much. I think their arrows flies in a bit too much Slow-motion though, it looks kind of unrealistic, and basically an enemy would have had very little time of getting away from an archer volley, if seeing it from a realistic perspective. But except that, I like that they dont just massacre enemies, but rather wounds them badly, making them unable to deal much damage when in close combat.
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