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Perhaps the largest, most ridiculous, flaw in this game is the weapon choice. You have a vast array of weapons to choose from, but only a few of them are actually usable due to being stealth weapons. As mentioned above, the game crumbles when you take the Rambo route and do a bloodbath as it was ultimately catered for stealth playstyles. This makes you wonder why the emphasis on non-stealth weaponry is so much stronger.

There are approximately 6 pistols in the game, but the only one that is actually helpful is the revolver with a silencer.

The other selections are completely moot because firing a single shot in a level with raise the alarm and cause all hell to break loose.

I understand the developers wanted to give viable options to less patient players who want gun-toting action playthroughs, but you would think that there would be more than 1 silence pistol. Would it be so impractical to have a silenced 1911 or something of that sort ?

Variety in weaponry is good, of course. But having 5 unusable pistols and 1 silenced pistol in a game that is focused on stealth is beyond ridiculous.

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