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Default Loading Replays

Mtman, you will need WinRAR program (or similar) to decompress the RAR file to a REP file which the game uses to save replays. The REP file will be 'in' the “1.1.0_Battle_of_Lewes” folder created by WinRAR when you use it. (v3.80 has a 40 day free trial)

Then you will need to find the “XIII Century” folder (maybe in “My Documents”) and locate the “profile” folder, and select the ‘name that you use’ folder, and “replays” folder in it (if you have saved any).

Copy the “Battle of Lewes.rep” you decompressed with WinRAR into the “replays” folder. Now the replay will be available in the game.

It sounds complex, but is really easy once you have done it one time.

Good Luck

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