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Default MoTmod Addon v12.0

With Alekhine's Gun now just a month away, here is the next version of my MoTmod Addon:

This version focuses more on sound replacement and SWD expansion rather than updated uniform textures, I've tried to get help from Polycount and MapCore, but so far, no luck. Here's the list of changes:
  • Replaced some American voice clips with Marine and Crewman dialogue from Halo PC. In addition, a couple of Desperados voice clips have been replaced.
  • Male British and American civilians now scream whenever they get shot at (Crewman dialogue from Halo PC used). Americans have extra voice clips from the new "aaa" set, in which they say "Yikes!".
  • Did some more polishing with the Heer Engineering and Infantry, Luftwaffe Ground Troop and RSHA uniform textures.
  • New Kriegsmarine propaganda posters can be found in King's Riddle.
  • New posters can be found in Stronghold, Removal and Polish Surprise.
  • New posters aimed at Soviet volunteers can be found in Paycheck.
  • New Vichy French propaganda posters can be found in White Head.
  • Replaced some British voice clips with Average Jack, Critic and Maiden dialogue from The Dark Mod. Some Hitman: Contracts voice clips have been replaced.
  • Recolored the shoes on one of the Hotel guard textures. Also adjusted the skin tone on the new guard faces to better match the rest of their head.
  • The behavior of two civilians in Hotel has been modified so they are no longer neutral.
  • The civilian working in the generator room and the cleaner with the key to the traitor's room are now hostile to you while you're dressed as a civilian (Hotel).
  • All guards in and around the swimming pool now have keys to the empty locker room and the civilian sitting outside the locker rooms no longer has a key (Hotel).
  • One of the civilians standing outside the traitor's room no longer has the key to it, and it has been given to the traitor instead (Hotel).
  • The new diplomat suits now have different colored ties (Embassy).
  • The targets in Die Spies! now have their breast eagles moved to the center of the pocket. Shading courtesy of Dark Mod forum member STiFU.
  • A copy of Mein Kampf can be found in one of the houses in Winter Cold.
  • New books can be found in Die Spies! and Polish Surprise. In addition, most open books in all German missions have been reskinned.
  • Clocks and most maps found in nearly all German missions have been reskinned.
  • The traitor now carries a silenced Nagant instead of a TT-33 (Hotel).
  • The cook now carries a silenced Luger instead of a Walther P38. In addition, I removed the command to change the doctor's gun from the LUA and added it to the SWD instead (Removal).
  • All riflemen in every nearly every German mission now carry KM-42 knives. This also applies to soldiers who use the sniper variant of the K98k. This reflects the fact that the knives were used as bayonets for the K98k.
  • All tower sentries in Lightning now carry the sniper variant of the K98k.
  • There are now more German soldiers carrying rifles in Winter Cold and White Head.
  • The waiter loitering in the dining hall no longer behaves like a soldier (White Head).
  • The doctor in Renegades no longer behaves like a soldier.
  • The helferin working in the office on the third floor no longer behaves like a soldier (King's Riddle).
  • The cook in Removal no longer behaves like a soldier.
  • The babushka who gives you the whereabouts of the courier now gives you a German uniform on Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties and a silenced Mosin Nagant on Saboteur difficulty (Winter Cold).
  • The snipers in Eight Snipers and Removal now carry Gewehr magazines on their bodies.
  • Replaced some American voice clips with Civilian and Trooper dialogue from Halo: Reach. More clips have been replaced.
  • Getting inside the two Mercedes Benz cars in Die Spies! will now cause their respective owners to turn hostile.
  • Hopping on the BMW at the start of Paycheck will now cause its owners to turn hostile.
  • Peasant clothes can now be found inside the building with the three soldiers standing outside in Winter Cold. In addition, the soldier who faces the doorway of the building now steps out to check on the digging peasant instead of the soldier facing to the north-west.
  • A cook's outfit can now be found inside one of the warehouses in Removal.
  • New disguises can now be found in Stronghold - Gestapo officer, worker and clerk (the last one is currently useless, however).
  • There are now two disguises you can select from Stronghold's equipment loadout, the aforementioned worker and clerk disguises.
  • Equipment loadouts have now been added to Hotel, Project Y and Embassy. To keep consistency, no guns have been added to the loadouts for Hotel and Embassy, and the only guns you can bring in Project Y are pistols.
  • Thanks to the new equipment loadout, it's now possible to complete Embassy without being detected on Saboteur difficulty.
  • Most people inside the cyclotron room are no longer hostile to you while dressed as a scientist, making Project Y fully compatible on Saboteur difficulty.
  • The two OSS agents standing near the entrance gate now speak to each other, carry High Standard HDMs and use American voice clips (Dora).
  • All armed NPCs in Dora now carry a single magazine for their respective weapons.
  • Some guards who have previously been standing guard in the corridors have now been moved elsewhere, and there are now workers and clerks in Stronghold.
  • Heil Hitler scripts are now triggered when dressed in all officer types (Lightning).
  • An extra truck can now be found near the main gate in Jagdpanther on Saboteur difficulty.
  • Spare clothes can now be found lying around the village near washboards - two peasant clothes, four soldier uniforms and one unteroffizier uniform. In addition, a radio operator's uniform can now be found in the main building (Paycheck).
  • Two new disguises can be found in Die Spies! - signal communications soldier and cook (both are currently of Soldier rank, however).
  • Three spare clothes - mechanic, worker and signal communications soldier - can now be found on some beds throughout Eight Snipers.
  • You can now bring German backpacks with you in all German DtS missions on Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties.
  • There are now plenty of voiced NPC interactions throughout all DtS missions.
  • A couple of Feldgendarmerie soldiers near the trucks in Removal have been replaced with drivers, and the unteroffizier standing near the field kitchens is now a cook.
  • New mission tips now show up in Renegades on Easy difficulty.
  • There's now a truck parked outside the warehouse where I placed the cook's clothes in Removal, and there are also a pile of boxes on the ground nearby, two of which you can pick up (currently, it doesn't do anything).
  • Winter soldier's helmet now has a different decal - I made it long ago and forgot to add it to the folder.
  • The folder "Saboteur" located in the Players folder has been renamed "Sabouter" for those who copy the folders that contain the files rather than manually copying the files themselves.
  • You can now give orders to most of the sailors on the docks when dressed as an officer (King's Riddle).

After Alekhine's Gun comes out, the next version of the addon is going to focus primarily on implementing passzones. I'll start by adding new zones to White Head and Polish Surprise, and use the experience to add MoT-style passzones to Winter Cold and Eight Snipers. I'll do it even if no official modding tools for MoT come out after Alekhine's Gun. I also plan to make a separate mod which'll replace MoT's soundtrack with that of Alekhine's Gun, assuming there are tracks suitable for MoT and I'll be able to mod Alekhine's Gun from Day One. In the meantime, enjoy!

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