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Default MoTmod Addon v12.5

With Christmas two days away, I've decided I've done considerably enough work to release the next version of my MoTmod Addon:

Here's the list of changes:
  • A truck has been moved slightly to the left so it doesn't get in the way of a nearby soldier's patrol route (Lightning).
  • The waiter standing outside the entrance to the staff area is now a construction worker (Hotel).
  • Extended the cutscene which triggers when you overload the generator, so you can hear the whole radio message sound in-game (King's Riddle).
  • Two Mercedes Benz cars parked outside the gate at Bletchley Park have now been replaced with Ford 1936 ones, like the ones inside (Dora).
  • New propaganda posters can be found in Dora.
  • New passzones have been added in White Head. You must now find a driver's uniform in order to use the truck.
  • Approaching the driver having a smoke outside the chateau's main entrance will now trigger him to move to the shed with the sniper to have a smoke break there (White Head).
  • The waiter can now only poison Melnik's wine. The cinematographer can now poison Richter's wine and the wine in the third floor main hall (White Head).
  • The informer now speaks French instead of Russian. I finally figured out how to extend both the cutscene and the informer's speaking animation to match the length of the new voice recording (White Head).
  • The stairs connecting the billiard room to the room with the open window is now part of the "FirstFloorWest" passzone (Polish Surprise).
  • Added a global passzone in Polish Surprise. This is so that people can now be suspicious of you while dressed as the commander in the outdoor area.
  • MoT-style passzones have now been added in Winter Cold and Eight Snipers.
  • Added more voiced NPC interactions throughout all DtS missions.
  • The two drunk Nazis in the wine cellar at the start of Stronghold now use three new voice clips from Iron Storm.
  • Expanded the casual British lines. New voice clips from The Dark Mod.
  • Fixed a bug where "male_ger_casual_casual_08" didn't have any volume control.
  • The two pairs of Feldgendarmerie soldiers standing next to their respective motorbikes now properly speak to each other (Jagdpanther).
  • Fixed a bug in King's Riddle where changing out of the captain's uniform and then changing back into it resets the disguise to its default skin.
  • A soldier standing guard at a corner in the first floor corridors is now a clerk, and has been moved to the second floor (Stronghold).
  • The peasants working in the field now properly speak to each other (Paycheck).
  • The chatting babushka sitting on the bench in the area Nikolayev hangs around now properly speaks (Renegades).
  • HiArmyMM triggers have now been added in Winter Cold and Eight Snipers (soldiers guarding doors will now salute you when you pass by them dressed as an officer).
  • A motorbike at the start of Eight Snipers has now been lowered and you can no longer use it.

After getting feedback from gameinnovator's playthroughs of my addon, I decided to include a separate folder which has the FarClip settings in all outdoor DtS missions changed from 5000 to 3000 for those who have problems with the former settings.

Well, there is a plus side to Alekhine's Gun being pushed back to February. For the next version, I'm going to concentrate on creating new jobs and anchors. But unless something comes up, I don't intend to start work on that until at least a couple months after Alekhine's Gun comes out. I found a new artist on the Dark Mod forums, so I'm hoping she'll help improve my WIP uniform skins. I'm also on the lookout for experts on the United States Military Police, the Corps of Military Police (predecessor to the Royal Military Police) and the Intelligence Corps.

In the meantime, enjoy the latest version!
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