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Default MoTmod Addon v12.8

With Alekhine's Gun delayed yet again, I decided to release the next version. I call it 12.8 because there are very few changes made since the last release, but with a heavy emphasis on adding new jobs and anchors, it is worth trying out before Alekhine's Gun's release, assuming it doesn't get delayed again.

Here's the list of changes:
  • A worker who was previously a soldier guarding the corridor leading to the prison entrance and moved to a nearby empty dining hall now moves about while sweeping (Stronghold).
  • The patrolling soldiers outside the main gate of the camp should now be properly following their leader - this is because there were two officers with the NPC ID 'GO09'. The patrol officer's ID is now 'DO09' (Removal).
  • The truck with the nearby unloaded crates has been moved slightly forward, because it was in the way of some waypoints linked to the soldiers moving the crates to the nearby cellar. A barrel in said cellar has also been rearranged so it doesn't clash with the crates being set down (Renegades).
  • Fixed a bug where one of the cryptographers was stuck to his chair and therefore couldn't perform the tasks he was supposed to perform on Hard difficulty (Dora).
  • New jobs and anchors have been implemented in Winter Cold and Eight Snipers - expect different NPC activities depending on difficulty.
  • The soldiers guarding the babka and the courier will now be suspicious of you in an officer's uniform when you enter their territory (Winter Cold).
  • A soldier patrolling the lower walkways has now been moved to the basement of the eighth tower, is now a signals soldier, and has been assigned to guard the stairs leading up to the ground floor. New ZoneTrigger and HiArmyMM script added to accomodate the change (Eight Snipers).
  • You can now order the worker facing the three dynamite points to go somewhere else when you're dressed as a senior mechanic (Normal and Hard difficulties only). Approaching the worker when you're not dressed as a senior mechanic will give out a hint message and mark the senior mechanics on the minimap (Eight Snipers).
  • A kubelwagen in Eight Snipers can no longer be used.

The next version I promise you will be a big one, with a major emphasis on adding new waypoints, a further revamp of Eight Snipers on Saboteur difficulty, and revamping Paycheck.

The LUAs for Winter Cold and Eight Snipers in the FarClip fix have been updated for this version.
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