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Default MoTmod Addon v13.0

It's been over a year, and only four more weeks until the anniversary of Alekhine's Gun's Steam release, but v13.0 of the MoTmod Addon is finally out. Here's a video showing off the revamping of Paycheck:

Here are the links to the addon:!ygUBgTTC!1W90BdeEe...HCNkc485y1WJd0

And here's the changelog:
  • Some waypoints have been modified for the new jobs in Winter Cold and Eight Snipers.
  • The soldier sitting on a chair in the corner facing the stairs to the second floor of the eighth tower now uses one of the radios on Saboteur difficulty (Eight Snipers).
  • Strogov now does some custom animations for certain interactions in DtS missions.
  • Changed "Restore spawn direction" for NPC "GermanSoldier_74" from "1" to "0" (Stronghold).
  • The fight theme in Winter Cold has been replaced with "alt_loops.rhythm1_alt" from the extracted Halo PC files (credited as "Peril" from Halo: Combat Evolved OST).
  • The default and fight themes in Die Spies! have been replaced with those used in the Death to Spies 3 Demo.
  • Paycheck has now been fully revamped.
  • Replaced a couple more British and American voice files.
  • The two sets of spare clothes in Die Spies! no longer levitate.
  • Added three driveable motorbikes in Eight Snipers, but beware - you'll risk an alert if you hop on some of them in front of their owners.
  • Fixed a bug where some models and textures will fail to load if you set your language for non-Unicode programs to Russian.
  • The archives chief no longer smokes (Embassy).
  • Heer workers now have their Actor type changed from "Officer" to "Soldier". This is so soldiers don't salute you while dressed as a worker in Jagdpanther and Eight Snipers, and to eliminate a potential exploit in Die Spies!.
  • Changed the sitting animations for the officer who's wine you can poison and Richter's bodyguard when you turn on the projector. It's unlikely the models will ever be adapted to MoT skeleton now (White Head).

The next version is going to focus on revamping Stronghold and maybe the Training mission, and I'll also try to add new brushes. However, my priorities at the moment are v0.04 of the Alekhine's Gun Addon, as well as other projects, so it will be a while before I get round to starting more major work done on this addon. In the meantime, enjoy!
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