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Default MoTmod Addon v14.0

It's been nearly two-and-a-half years since the last release, but finally MoTmod Addon v14.0 is finished. I started work on it in November 2017, shortly after my main computer was brought down to my new home. Ironically, I would have finished it sooner if Haggard Games didn't release almost all the remaining Alekhine's Gun missions for the level editor, prompting me to concentrate on the DtS3 Addon and improving Mystery Foes. This is a very significant time for me, as this year not only marks ten years since MoT was localized and ten years since forlik released MoTmod, but it also marks ten years since I made the decision to take up DtS modding myself. I knew I had to make up for not finishing v14.0 in 2018 by devoting time to completing it in 2019. I'm sorry that it's taken so long for another update, but you must understand that now that DtS3 is out and the level editor for it is now available to the public, it means that work on expanding forlik's work takes less priority. Added to this the fact that my addon has shifted focus since late 2015 from attempting to add historically accurate WWII uniforms to revamping the remaining DtS levels, means that it will take longer to release new versions of the addon. But for now, enjoy MoTmod Addon v14.0!

There's currently no release video this time because I'm currently having trouble recording MoT with OBS. Instead, here are the download links:!ftdkxS7S!NJosgprv9...R9YVrGTpGtISQY

And here's the changelog:
  • A chess board in the billiard room no longer floats above the table (Polish Surprise).
  • Fixed a bug where two carpet pieces have sunk into the floor in Stronghold.
  • The barbed wire obstacle has now been raised slightly to fix an infamous MoTmod bug (Training).
  • Waffen SS soldiers now have different helmet decals and cap symbols. Textures courtesy of Altered-beast.
  • The two Mechanized Infantry soldiers standing next to the Sdkfz-251 near the bunker now speak to each other (Jagdpanther).
  • All NPCs in Jagdpanther now have their AlertDecamouflageLevels set to "0" (used in DtS so an NPC becomes hostile to a certain rank of disguise after an alarm is raised).
  • Changed the positions and jobs of some civilians in Winter Cold.
  • All doors in Winter Cold now automatically close after a few seconds, provided there's no Actor standing next to them.
  • The NPC "GermanSoldier104" no longer carries MP40 cartridges on his body (Eight Snipers).
  • The radio operator at the start of Lightning now has an AI Form of "IgnoreSoldier", to prevent an error message from popping up in the console when starting the mission. He also can no longer be ordered to follow you around when dressed as an officer.
  • Fixed a bug where a response Anchor was given to the wrong soldier (White Head).
  • The uniforms of NPCs "GermanSoldier59" and "GermanSoldier64" are now properly registered as enlisted-rank disguises (White Head).
  • Renamed several Actors and removed all clones who were previously created to fit certain entity names in various SWD files (except for those created by forlik for the main MoTmod).
  • The two peasants moving between fishing spots on the riverbank should now have a chance to engage in conversation (Paycheck).
  • There are now less NPCs talking to themselves in Training, Jagdpanther, Winter Cold, Stronghold, Paycheck and Eight Snipers.
  • The NPC "GermanSoldier144" now carries a Walther P38 instead of an MP40 - this is because the MP40 doesn't align properly with his body when he performs the "Act_Posilka_DedSit_NPT" animation as part of his job on Saboteur difficulty (Lightning).
  • NPCs who use the animation "Act_Posilka_DedSit" no longer stare at the player when they approach them, and have a limited vision radius - this animation was used by neutral characters in DtS, so it was never given the same treatment as the MoT-exclusive "Act_Posilka_DedSit_NPT".
  • RSHA and SS-TotenkopfverbÀnde soldiers now have different helmet decals. Textures courtesy of Altered-beast.
  • All NPCs in Training, Jagdpanther, Winter Cold, Stronghold, Paycheck and Eight Snipers now have their "AI_GuardRadius" properties changed to their default state (the GuardRoom and GuardRadius properties are made redundant in MoT missions with the implementation of the zones system).
  • All NPCs whose original Actor Template was "GermanFrau" at launch of DtS now have a duplicate of the property "AI_CanGoAside" removed in all DtS missions.
  • The unteroffizier guarding the room where you can obtain poison has been moved to the right-hand side of the doorway to prevent him from skirting around the FictDoor position just to unlock the door and back again to his post (Paycheck).
  • The alert job of NPC "GermanSoldier102" has also been repositioned for the same reasons (Paycheck).
  • Added new conditions to some of Paycheck's StopMove scripts to prevent drivers and radio operators from being marked on the minimap every time you trigger them after you've let the guard unlock the door to the room with the poison and after you've killed Meyer-Mader, respectively.
  • Added new brushes in Stronghold, Eight Snipers and Lightning.
  • You can now hear the radio Meyer-Mader uses short-circuiting when he tries to use it after you sabotage it (Paycheck).
  • AA gun crews should now have StopMoveDynamic reactions for the AA gun you can deliver blank munitions to for all non-AA gun soldiers (Lightning).
  • Removed two now-deprecated reactions and fixed one reaction in King's Riddle's zones.shadvs file.
  • Fixed some bugs in White Head's zones.shadvs file by changing all duplicated reaction entries.
  • Training and Stronghold have been fully revamped.
  • The only thing that really needed revamping for Training was the final objective, but in addition to adding zones, I've added extra tasks required to complete said objective and extra tips. In addition, I adjusted some existing tips to explain mechanics introduced in MoT.
  • In addition to adding zones and different NPC jobs depending on difficulty in Stronghold, there are now two accident scenarios, a distraction for the warden, plenty of Heil Hitler triggers, most guards in the prison will now carry keys to the cells, and they will also carry cell block access passes.
  • The cell block access passes are only necessary for soldiers and sub-officers. The furthest cell blocks are off-limits to them, however. I added three spare passes lying around in some rooms, too, and some sub-officers throughout the castle will carry them.
  • Revamped the way the guards respond to Polyakov's escape - when they see him, they'll immediately rush to the nearest alarm box to call the alert - just like in Shefferd if the FBI agents discover Tsavalov when you escort him back to the starting point.

I'm so happy that 14.0 is now out. I'll be taking a long break. Future progress depends if I can still play Death to Spies on Windows 10, as Windows 7 will officially stop being supported next year. However, I'll explain which of the remaining DtS missions will be revamped in future releases:

Version 15.0 - Hotel and Embassy
Version 16.0 - Project Y
Version 17.0 - Die Spies!
Version 18.0 - Removal
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