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so in good hands they can be a terrible weapon.

at the same time the western missile units inflict stronger losses in near range
Wrong, only western crossbowmen have the best skill of shooting, and bolt of crossbow hase better damage then arrow.

A secondary lateral assault with irregular cavalry can help to create "caos" in the enemy shooters before the contact.
The elite archers of Rus' and elite arabic archers are perfect in hand to hand, so they should be attacked stronger units

If the you want create a pike ring with shooters back, remember that when a single shooter from a unit go in close combat, all the fighters of same unit stop to shot. So close the men in a dense ring can be dangerous if the enemy go in contact, because your shooters risk to stop to shot, these of enemy at contrary have the space of free move.

All that I have told I have told about "XIII Century: Blood of Europe" aka "XIII Century: Rusych" in CIS.

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