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wow, ok.

I'm not that surprised, since 1c doesn't seem very interested in any "internally" developed games anymore. seems so. it's only katauri and the men of war studios left now of the announced stuff, or at least after long delayed titles like captain blood and star wolves 3 are out.

it's truly heartbreaking how many of the studios 1c published many games for have gone out of business after 1c broke the business relationship off. hopefully haggard will be ok.

it's a bit insane to me because it's easier than ever to actually make ok money on games through steam and other download sites. but I guess 1c just makes so much more money publishing international games in russia over actually releasing russian games to the world or to russia. so while russia gets all this international TRASH released and localized really well through 1c, the gaming world as a whole is losing russian games. the amazing distinct russian games industry identity is dying. I'll just blame it on steam (it's an easy catch-all), steam coming to russia has killed the russian games industry. really makes me sad.

maybe I should write CIS instead of russia and russian. since there are so many ukrainian developers, or was.
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