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Originally Posted by forlik View Post
Terrible news
It seems 1C have real reasons to close project on the current stage, can't understand anyway.
Have you already thought about publishing of PC-version via Steam?
they don't even have to self-publish though. there are a lot of european publishers who SHOULD be interested in titles like death to spies. like good old games (cdprojekt), paradox interactive, focus home interactive, kalypso media, city interactive, nobilis, deep silver / koch media, dtp entertainment, headup games, bitcomposer.

I think actually good old games would be perfect for this game, at least for the release. but I have no idea if cdprojekt are willing to finance actual development or are simply interested in releasing finished games when they start releasing 'good new games' next year.

paradox interactive is another really good fit for death to spies, I think.
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