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Default Invitation to Sunday flights on Aces over Europe /over Pacific server

Hello everybody.
Every Sunday started at 20:00 UTC+2 time about 7 up to 11 guys from bomber squadron from Russia fly on Aces over Europe or Aces over Pacific full reall doghfight server.
Everybody are invited to join!
Thse guys fly with discipline and they fly in beautifull formations.
I think it's a nice possibility to see again even 11 guys flying in one bomber formation on dogfight server.
You can escort them or try to shoot them down (which is not so easy since they fly in nice combat box formation)
I flew with them many times as an fighter escort, long sorties up to 1/1.5 hour and I tell you it was like in an old il-2 days.
Server have full reall settings, using HSFX7.03 History Mod.
Every map lasts for 2 hours.
Aces over Europe IP:
Aces over Pacific IP:
TEAM SPEAK adres: password: aces
To see number of players on both servers use this webpage
(since these guys don't use Hypper Lobby, so you can't see on HL if they are on server or not)
I hope to see some of you in the air
Regards, *200th_Taro
This is their video showing how they fly on those serevers:

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