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Good day to you all; Jim di Griz, the Stainless Steel Rat here

A relatively new flyer in the virtual skies of anachronous encounters, I fly a PS3 during the daytime (Grenwich Mean Time) mostly, under the PSN ID of MeanElf.

I've yet to complete the game to my satisfaction, though all campaigns and missions are done, except the irritation of 'Downtown Berlin', which I just can't seem to nail. I'm sure I will one day though. I'm also starting in on the campaigns again at Realistic and Simulator levels too - which is proving somewhat interesting.

I do have the weakness of vanishing off once in every while to play other games. I've thoroughly enjoyed my flying time so far though, both in campaign mode and online, so those of you who fly during the daylight hours, expect to see me back soon.

Have fun folks!
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